About NUHW

Domain II : Enhanced Provision of Entrance Exam Information

Long-term Goals (2010-2020)

[Basic Goals]

To secure students who can be excellent QOL supporters in the future by establishing people's recognition of us as a "caring university" as well as by reforming the entrance examination system and activities to increase student application.

[Specific Goals]

  1. To strengthen public relations activities.
  2. To strengthen the reformation and improvement of the entrance examination system and to provide information related to the entrance examination.

Mid-term Goals & Plans (2014-2017)

  1. Strengthening public relations
    1) To actively publicize information about the university and the entrance exam system for potential applicants through specific PR strategies such as Open Campuses, brochures, and the university homepage.
    2) To conduct research and analyses continuously on the needs and trend of examinees in order to attract more applicants.
    3) To strengthen public relations activities in each department in collaboration with faculty and administration staff.
    4) To foster the university's brand image in and out of the prefecture by increasing publicity through the mass media (TV, newspapers, etc.).
    5) To actively publicize accomplishments of our prioritized sports clubs and teams in order to enhance the university's brand image.
  2. Reforming and improving the examination system and providing information about the entrance examination
    1) To revise the admission policies as needed based on the assessments and analyses of entrance examination results.
    2) To continue the appropriate process of the selection of applicants in accordance with the university's admission policies.
    3) To consider various methods of applicants'selection based on the follow-up surveys of the admitted students and on the comparison of data with other competing universities.
    4) To consider the scholarship programs, methods of applicants' selection for the purpose of securing talented students.
    5) To promote the provision of information to various stake holders such as examinees, their parents, their high school teachers, etc.