About NUHW

Domain III : Enrichment of Education

Long-term Goals (2010-2020)

[Basic Goal]

To aim to become a "caring university" by adjusting its educational contents to nurture excellent human resources who can help people with diverse lifestyles to extend their healthy life expectancies.

[Specific Goals]

  1. To facilitate students' aspirations, problem-solving abilities and self-realization.
  2. To cultivate students' team-work and leadership skills, to enhance their communication skills necessary to collaborate with peers from other departments, and to develop their expertise including logical thinking ability.
  3. To enhance the university's pre- and post-graduation education linked with local communities in order to continue its support for health, medical care, welfare, and sports programs.

Mid-term Goals & Plans (2014-2017)

  1. Supporting students' learning and enhancing their aspiration
    1) To promote an early detection system of students in need of support and develop a study support system utilizing teaching assistants like peer tutors.
    2) To improve the office hours system.
    3) To analyze the situations of drop outs, suspended students, and those who need to repeat a year, and to consider appropriate preventive measures.
    4) To review the system of students transferring from one faculty/department to another.
  2. Improving the contents of education and pedagogy at undergraduate and postgraduate levels
    1) To specify the educational objectives of each faculty and department.
    2) To check the operational status of the new curriculum introduced in the 2014 academic year.
    3) To review the liberal arts subjects.
    4) To continue further enhancement of the subjects of Basic Seminar, Collaborative Basic Seminar, and Collaborative Comprehensive Seminar.
    5) To continually facilitate the system of improving pedagogical methodologies and utilize it in FD programs and the like.
    6) To analyze and assess the achievement status of the educational purposes and use the feedback for educational improvement.
    7) To examine evaluation standards of students' academic achievements such as accreditation of credits, requirements for graduation and completion of the graduate course, and to review their implementation, including the utilization of the GPA system.
    8) To promote support programs that aim at a 100% passing rate of national qualification examinations, and to expand and improve students' learning environment.
  3. Improving learning environment for the students
    1) To promote the enrichment and strengthening of the library functions by providing a comfortable and highly convenient environment for students.
    2) To provide the facilities and equipment that contribute to the achievement of the educational objectives of the university.
    3) To conduct research and inspection of the learning environment (e.g. class sizes) under the new curriculum.
    4) To continue the survey on students'degree of satisfaction about their learning environment.