About NUHW

Domain IV : Promotion of Student Support

Long-term Goals (2010-2020)

[Basic Goal]

To strengthen the support system for student welfare and aim at being recognized as a "caring university."

[Specific Goals]

  1. To support the students so that they can have a safe and enjoyable campus life.
  2. To consolidate the support system in order to maintain the highest employment rate in Japan.
  3. To support the students' club and volunteer activities for the development of their spirit of teamwork, leadership, and autonomy.

Mid-term Goals & Plans (2014-2017)

  1. Strengthening support system for health care
    1) To enhance the functions of the Health Care Center.
    2) To improve the campus life consultation and psychological counseling system.
    3) To expand the safety net for the students in need of help.
  2. Strengthening support system for employment
    1) To develop the system of support including carrier education by strengthening coordination between the Job Center Management Committee and the Carrier Development Office.
    2) To expand the functions of the Carrier Development Center.
    3) To set up a support center for students who are taking the teacher training course.
  3. Strengthening support system for students' campus life
    1) To enrich students' welfare facilities, campus lives, and to improve traffic for vehicles on campus.
    2) To enhance a reward system such as scholarship programs for high achievers.
    3) To promote support for students who are adult workers or have been transferred from other departments or universities.
    4) To establish a system to conduct surveys on students' campus life in general, to understand their opinions and requests about student services, and to utilize these results for their benefits.
    5) To consider the implementation of "one-stop service" aiming at improving student support.
  4. Strengthening support for extracurricula activities
    1) To continue the support for the sports clubs prioritized by the university.
    2) To continue the support for students' clubs and circles