About NUHW

Domain V : Securing Staff Resources and Faculty Development

Long-term Goals (2010-2020)

[Basic Goals]

To secure excellent human resources by becoming an attractive university, and to reinforce our educational and research capabilities as a whole.

[Specific Goals]

  1. To establish a system to recruit skilled individuals who can help our students to acquire and improve their expertise, various skills such as logical thinking and problem solving.
  2. To establish a system that reinforces the faculty's educational capabilities whereby the students can develop their skills in logical thinking, teamwork and leadership, communication to motivate their clients, problem solving, and self-realization.
  3. To enhance the working environment of the faculty so that they can engage in education and research more with enthusiasm.

Mid-term Goals & Plans (2014-2017)

  1. Clarifying and improving the teacher selection and evaluation systems
    1) To improve the evaluation system for the selection of new faculty members by placing high importance on their instructional as well as research capabilities.
    2) To present a written job description when employing new faculty members.
    3) To review the teacher evaluation system and to revise it as required.
    4) To consider and introduce a system to evaluate associates and assistants.
    5) To specify in the teacher evaluation system that such professional qualities as abilities to engage in education, research, and social activities are to be valued highly.
    6) To review and consider the operational procedure for the reappointment examination of the faculty.
  2. Establishing the system to reinforce educational capabilities of the faculty
    1) To consider appropriate organizational measures and allocation of operational responsibilities to conduct liberal arts education.
    2) To continue the systematic faculty development.
    3) To consider in detail the implementation of sabbatical leave for the teaching staff with a view to globalization.
    4) To improve the QWL(quality of working life)of the teaching staff in order to strengthen their instructional capabilities by eliminating "unreasonableness", "waste", and "inconsistency" from their work.
    5) To examine the teaching load of the faculty members and to make adjustments as required.