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Domain VII : Supporting the Alumni Association and Lifelong Learning

Long-term Goals (2010-2020)

[Basic Goals]

To grow as a "caring university" and to advance health, medical care, social welfare and sports for the local communities by promoting interchanges, cooperation, and lifelong learning among the alumni.

[Specific Goals]

  1. To establish the support system for the alumni association in the university.
  2. To strengthen the support for interchanges and cooperation among the alumni.
  3. To strengthen the support for lifelong learning whereby they can further develop their expertise, logical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  4. To strengthen the support for alumni-led activities that contribute to society.

Mid-term Goals & Plans (2014-2017)

  1. Enhancing and strengthening the support system for the alumni association by the university secretariat
    1) To consolidate the secretariat system to support alumni activities with the help of alumni officials and the relevant sections of the university.
  2. Strengthening the support system for lifelong learning of the alumni
    1) To strengthen our backup system to plan, operate, and manage lifelong learning services and programs for the alumni that are unique to and characteristic of our university, based on the needs of the alumni.