Philosophy and purpose

In the Major in Health and Welfare (Ph.D. course), our philosophy is to go beyond the framework of each field (i.e. health, medical care and welfare) and to be able to provide integrated services to citizens depending on their lifestyles, diseases or disorders. We educate students and perform research in interdisciplinary research areas. We train more outstanding educators, researchers and professional leaders.

Three interdisciplinary research domains have been established. In the field of the "Mind and Body Functions" we conduct research on motion, behavior, sensation and higher brain functions through basic and clinical studies, with the purpose of preventing and reducing disorders. In the field of the "Welfare Ergonomics", we aim to support elderly people and people with disabilities so that they can live independently. We do so through an effective adaptation of a barrier-free environment and of welfare tools. In the field of "Community and Global Health and Welfare", we conduct research on the evidence, projects and policies related to health promotion and health welfare in the region. This is to building up a better society. We teach scientific theories about health and welfare, and apply them to basic research, clinical studies, and investigative research, which are the core of professional learning in each specialty. In addition, our aim is to produce results that may contribute to the development of society.