Major in Health Sciences
Field of Health and Sports

Overview of the field

In the Field of Health and Sports, we provide education and research on human science, social science and natural science involved in sport and exercise. We reinforce the scientific base of health and sports through research on methodological problems in sport science, and at the same time, we train highly skilled professionals who will coordinate sports and exercises in a multidisciplinary manner. In addition, we conduct research on kinematics in physical training, health education, and coach training.

Characteristics of the field

Acquisition of specialized licenses (health and physical education)

By obtaining a predetermined unit score, people who already have one type of teacher's license for high and junior high schools (health and physical education) can be granted specialized licenses (health and physical education). Classified according to the academic system, the fields of health and sports that respond to a wide range of research needs involving sports are multidisciplinary and considered to be connected to all learning.

In this department, we respond to the broad range of needs of graduate students, and consequently, the field can be further divided into three areas: [1] the system of sports medical sciences (such as rehabilitation sciences, physiology, psychology, biomechanics), [2] sports management (such as sociology / business administration), and [3] sports pedagogics (such as physical education pedagogics, sports methods, growth and development, measurement and evaluation). Outstanding staff members capable of responding to various problems have been assigned as academic supervisors.

Employment in a wide range of fields

Because of its multi-disciplinary nature, our field involves multifaceted jobs. For example, they could be teaching professions from the beginning, or a wide variety of job types such as positions in a government office, or in various general companies.

Master's Degree

Master of Health Science (M.H.Sc.) in Sports

Examples of research topics

  • Research on endurance capacities and the metabolism of lactic acid
  • Research on the changes in excitability of the motor area of the cerebral cortex during muscle fatigue
  • Research on the changes in brain plasticity during motor learning
  • Research on the content of hygiene education and development of teaching materials
  • Sociocultural study on lifelong sports and recreational exercise
  • Practical developments based on the results of research in sports medical science in the real world
  • Cognitive scientific study of intelligence
  • Ethnographic study of sports and the social system
  • Simple muscular strength workouts appropriate for each age
  • Physical strength and workouts during aerobic training
  • The correlation between the training effects of swimming and stroke characteristics
  • The efficacy of sports counseling as a psychological support to contestants
  • The psychological mechanism of the onset of eating disorders in sports contestants
  • The degree of contribution of each component of physical strength in health performance
  • The correlation between the state of health and physical strength standards in middle-aged individuals
  • The changes in physical strength due to regular participation in exercise classes
  • Study of the influence of a teacher's feedback in physical education class on the learner's course evaluation