Major in Health Sciences
Field of Nursing

Overview of the field

We have designed a special course in the field of nursing. Specialized courses comprise of cancer nursing, maternal and child nursing, nursing management, geriatric nursing, mental health nursing and chronic care nursing. Health problems and life problems have become diversified and complicated, and consequently, the environment surrounding nursing has changed dramatically.

In this field, we teach students the ability to conduct practice theory research and practical capabilities in nursing. We also focus on the ability of solving problems from the viewpoint of the QOL (quality of life) in people with complex nursing problems, and at all levels of health: from disease prevention and recovery, up to the end-stage diseases.

Characteristics of the field

Cancer nursing

In the Cancer Control Act, all citizens receive cancer therapy or prevention equally and uniformly. Consequently, in addition, staff with higher abilities will be required for cancer nursing specialists in the future. In cancer nursing, we provide courses aimed at producing clinical nurse specialists (CNS) - in which the students acquire highly specialized practical abilities in cancer prevention and nursing, treatment and palliative care. The Master's thesis course offers a specialized education, and research on care development. In this field, students search to acquire practical abilities to the level of skilled specialists in cancer nursing, and conduct research.

Maternal and child nursing

We study health promotion and disease prevention in mothers and children and their families, from physical, psychological and social standpoints. We investigate the theoretical and practical aspects of the contribution of nursing to health promotion.
Responding to the changes in the environment, health, medical care, welfare and society surrounding mothers and children and contemporary issues, we conduct research on creative and practical nursing intended for the quality of life (QOL) of mothers and their children and their families.

Nursing management

Here, students learn about theories which are the basis of nursing management studies, and the principles and practice of management, which are focused on the management process. In addition, the roles of the CNS and career skills in nursing organizations are also considered. Moreover, students explore the concept of effective nursing management through the practice of the nursing management process.

Geriatric Nursing

Students will investigate current best nursing practices while acquiring an understanding of the health characteristics of elderly people owing to aging and disease. They will also come to understand the social circumstances of elderly people, acquire comprehensive knowledge in healthcare service, and deepen their cognizance of the role of nursing.

Mental Health Nursing

We will examine issues surrounding mental health problems and discuss the roles played by nurses in mental healthcare. Students will acquire interpersonal skills for use in mental health nursing while at the same time deepening their understanding of themselves and others. They will also learn educational and therapeutic interventions through case studies in order to explore possibilities for new methods of helping patients.

Chronic Care Nursing

Students will acquire the theories and concepts of health and health problems of the increasing number of people battling long-term diseases amid social changes and advances in medicine. They will delve deeply into nursing support approaches as medical professionals and explore the specialty of chronic nursing.

Master's Degree

Master of Health Science (M.H.Sc.) in Nursing

Examples of research topics

  • Psychosocial assessment of adverse events in patients with cancer after treatment (chemotherapy, radiation therapy)
  • Research on palliative management for symptom relief in end-stage cancer patients
  • Self-care regarding pain control and pharmacotherapy in patients with cancer pain
  • Development of the self-care measurement criteria in adults, sorted according to health problems
  • Research on the preventive epidemiology of osteoporosis in the elderly
  • Research on the development of a child care support program
  • Research on the developmental challenges of motherhood
  • Study on the formation of a support network for DV (domestic violence) victims
  • Study on child care support
  • Study on human resources in nursing management studies