Objectives and principles of establishment

The master's degree course in our graduate school was established in April 2005. Currently, the Graduate School of Health and Welfare consists of ten fields in four departments. We have produced a large number of human resources contributing to the development of the community. A total care aimed at protecting citizens' lives and health and its promotion through an integrated social policy are common goals in the fields of Health and Welfare. To achieve these goals, various areas of specialization in all disciplines are required to cooperate through a team approach. In the graduate schools we aim to achieve an even higher level by providing an environment allowing students to perform interdisciplinary education and research.

Characteristics of the curriculum

The curriculum for our university's Master's Degree Course is focused on training researchers, educators and highly specialized professionals. Therefore, students can look ahead to their career options and select their subjects.

General description of the common courses

The common courses in the master's degree course are chosen and studied concurrently in each specialty. The purpose is to acquire, in an integrated manner, the knowledge which is necessary for advanced professionals, or for people who aspire to become researchers and educators. The framework is composed of three basic specialties: studies on research methods, studies on a team approach and team medical care, studies on basic knowledge for advanced technical knowledge.

Overview of the specialized courses

The purposes of the specialized courses are to study the leading-edge theories and technologies in each area of expertise in each specialty and field, and to provide guidance to improve the students' capabilities and practical competence to conduct investigative research. And ultimately, in special research, we teach students how to complete a master's thesis, which is a compilation of each student's research project, based on all the theoretical concepts and methods that the student will have learnt by then.

Interdisciplinary research

We are conducting several interdisciplinary research projects with many graduate students.