Faculty of Healthcare Management
Department of Health Informatics


Medical services are essential for the well-being and happiness of people. Presently, there are several issues in the field of medical services in Japan. They include a shortage of medical doctors, too heavy a burden on medical doctors, drastic changes in the environment surrounding medical services, and medical insurance issues. To supply high quality medical services, it is necessary to reduce the burden on medical doctors from administrative work and let them devote themselves to medical diagnosis and treatment. Under these circumstances, the profession of "Medical Clerk" is highlighted. Medical clerks have sufficient knowledge of health, welfare and medical information technology, and they are able to assist medical doctors greatly. Medical clerks are able to give patients dependable services with a profound knowledge of medicine-related sciences. Also they are able to alleviate the burden on medical doctors by doing various office work.

Niigata University of Health and Welfare is a university with a comparatively larger number of departments related to the fields of health and social work. The university has a curriculum containing miscellaneous subjects for the benefit of students. Students are able to take subjects that fit their interests for their future career. In addition to the medical clerk course, the department has the information technology course and the medical management course. In the former course, students can take subjects related to information technology and participate in actual practice with the use of computers. By studying this course they will be able to work as computer specialists in various companies after graduation. In the latter course, in addition to studying science-related health and social work, the students can take subjects related to medical economy, management of hospitals, and business administration studies. Upon the completion of this course, they will be able to work as members of administrative staff in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Characteristic of the curriculum

The Department of Health Informatics has subjects related to medical clerks, information technology on medical services and social work and hospital management. One of the distinctive features of the curriculum is the variety of subjects in inter-related areas. Students can select subjects according to their own interests.


Qualifications we aim for:
  • Qualification for medical clerks
  • Qualification for doctor's clerks
  • Qualification for medical information administrators
  • Qualification for medical information technicians
  • Qualification for information technology specialists


The department was opened in April, 2010. Related facilities are well equipped. The department has a most up-to-date virtual hospital.

International activities

The department will try to cooperate with foreign universities and institutes for mutual development in education and research. In addition, the department sends students to the college of English Education at the University of Hawaii, USA, every year.