Course Admission Fee Annual Tuition Fee and facility charge First year Total
Master PT, OT, ST, AT, HN, NR ¥200,000 ¥1,000,000 ¥1,200,000
HS ¥200,000 ¥900,000 ¥1,100,000
SW, HI ¥200,000 ¥850,000 ¥1,050,000
Doctor   ¥200,000 ¥850,000 ¥1,050,000

PT/Physical Therapy, OT/Occupational Therapy, ST/Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, AT/Prosthetics & Orthotics and Assistive Technology, HN/Health and Nutrition, NR/Nursing, HS/Health and Sports, SW/Social Welfare, HI/Health Informatics and Business Administration

Tuition exemption for self-supporting (privately financed) international students

Self-supporting (privately financed) international students can be exempted from tuition fees (and it is not including the facility charge), other than mentioned below;

  • Government-sponsored international student
  • Those who are dispatched from foreign government
  • Those who are supported by a private company or a scholarship foundation (amount more than half of the tuition).
  • Those who are obviously economically advantaged
    Course Amount of exemption (per year)
    Master PT, OT, ST, AT, HN, NR ¥400,000
    HS ¥350,000
    SW, HI ¥350,000
    Doctor   ¥350,000

Admissions-related inquiries

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