International Activities

Collaboration with the rehabilitation center of Taipei Veterans General Hospital in Taiwan

Brief introduction

Pic 1) Professor Brief introduction Yamamoto (president of NUHW: left side) and Professor Lin (hospital director of Taipei Veterans General Hospital: right side)

Pic 2) Professor Agarie (Head of Department of POAT) and Professor Abe (Department of POAT) were also invited to signing ceremony

Taipei Veterans General Hospital is one of the biggest rehabilitation centers in Taiwan. Their mission is threefold: medical treatment, medical research and medical education. There are more than 30 departments that treat people who suffer from various kinds of disease and disability. They are not only for medical treatment but also for medical research and educating medical students. There are two centers for medicine and general clinical research and 27 research laboratories.

In 2013, the Rehabilitation Center, Taipei Veterans General Hospital and Department of Prosthetics & Orthotics and Assistive Technology, Niigata University of Health Welfare (NUHW) made an agreement for collaboration. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was also signed and exchanged at Taipei Veterans General Hospital on August 1, 2013.

The purposes of this collaboration are listed below.

  1. exchange of researchers
  2. exchange of students
  3. promotion of cooperation for collaborative research
  4. promotion of scientific meetings, investigative commissions and information sharing
  5. planning and conducting of technological investigative commission

NUHW sent a student to the Rehabilitation Center of Taipei Veterans general hospital for clinical placement from 19th of August though 13th of September as the first collaborative project. Mr. Sen Zuiki, head of rehabilitation center at Taipei Veterans General Hospital, is responsible for the clinical placement, and Mr. Ryu Bunryu, undergraduate student at NUHW, also helps the student during that time.

The second collaborative project with Taipei Veterans general hospital is to be a workshop for the theory and practice of Trans-Tibial Prosthesis in Taiwan.

In Taiwan, physical therapists usually fabricate and fit prosthesis and orthosis to the patients and the profession of prosthetics & orthotics is expected. Therefore, the final goal of this collaboration is to assist for establishing the qualification of prosthetists and orthotists in Taiwan.