6月21日から26日までイタリアのローマで14th European Congress on Clinical Neurophysiology (ECCN) and 4th International Conference on Transcranial Magnetic and Direct Current Stimulation が開催されました.研究所からは,丸山敦夫,大西秀明,桐本光の3名が発表してきました.

1. Onishi H, Oyama M, Sugawara K, Soma T, Kirimoto H, Tamaki H, Murakami H, Kameyama S: Cortical neuromagnetic activation following passive and active finger movement. (Symposium), 2011.7.21-25, Roma (Italy)

2. Kirimoto H, Tamaki H, Onishi H, Suzuki M, Yoshida S, Ogata K, Tobimatsu S: Gaiting of SEPs on the load of isometric contractions: force vs. position tasks. 2011.7.21-25, Roma (Italy)

3. Maruyama A, Nuruki A, Yamashiro K, Sato D, Rothwell JC: Change of short-intracortical inhibition during throwing visual observation in expert baseball players. 2011.7.21-25, Roma (Italy)